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5 Destinations For Sound Therapy

Sound healing is a theory that certain sounds and music can be used to create mental, emotional, and physical healing.

While sound therapy is becoming more popular in mainstream society, Himalayan and Tibetan cultures have been using sound therapy for thousands of years. Sound therapy is a form of meditation, and if sound healing sounds like something you would like to try, we’ve got you covered.

1. Himalayan Academy of Sound Healing - Rishikesh, India

For an authentic experience and a visit to the culture that started this type of meditation, you need to visit the Himalayan Academy of Sound Healing (HASH). HASH aims to provide emotional healing through organic and unconventional methods.

Led by the founder, Bhanu, HASH offers both online and physical courses in sound meditation. These courses can be attended by spiritual leaders, students, yoga teachers, people looking to teach sound meditation, and people who just want to experience sound healing for themselves.

Courses offered at the academy

Level One and Two Sound Meditation Courses

Both levels one and two are five-day workshops that will help the attendants learn more about sound healing, what it is, and how it can be used for different practices.

Attendees will learn how to apply this knowledge for healing and lifestyle purposes by learning singing bowl techniques, Himalayan mystic music, traditional gongs, and the philosophy of sound.

Singing Bowl Healing and Therapy Course

This three-day course teaches the theory behind singing bowl healing and meditation. Attendees will learn about and experience sound and vibration healing through sound massages and sound baths. There is also the option to attend private or group healing sessions on this course.

Tuning Forks Therapy

This is a two-day workshop where attendees will be taught all the basics and history of tuning forks therapy. This course is best suited for practitioners of alternative medicine and those looking for a different type of healing.

2. Integratron - Landers, California

Located in the Mojave Desert, this is the ultimate sound meditation experience in the USA. The white dome where the sound bath sessions take place was built in the 1950s by George Van Tassel.

Van Tassel based this creation on the theories of Nikola Tesla and the so-called telepathic directions he received from extraterrestrials. The domed structure, which stands out against the dry background, looks outer-worldly. Called “the Integratron,” the dome is owned by three sisters, who run a very successful sound bath experience.

Integratron in Lenders California

The Sound Bath

Guests will experience a 60-minute sonic sound healing session.

Included in this session is a brief history of sound therapy, 35 minutes of 20-quartz, crystal singing bowls, as well as time to just relax while listening to the music.

The music will provide attendees with heightened awareness, inner peace, and complete relaxation of the mind and body. Attendees can choose between a public or private session.

Integratron in Lenders California

3. Sound of Himalaya Meditations - Nepal, India

What better way to experience sound healing than atop the mountains of Nepal? Sounds of Himalaya Meditations is a meditation center and eco farm in Nepal that runs retreats throughout the year, offering sound healing.

Sound of Himalaya Retreats

The Sound Retreat

Guests are offered a lot of freedom at this retreat. Although the retreat itself recommends guests stay 3-7 days, guests can choose how long they’d like to stay.

Guests will be treated to a truly authentic experience, living like locals high up in the mountains, with all their food provided and sourced from their eco-farm.

During the retreat, guests will learn about Ayurvedic herbal medicine, traditional farming methods, and sound healing.

The meditation center also offers sound meditation certification courses, 60- or 90-minute singing bowl therapy sessions, as well as Himalayan sound baths where guests relax while listening to Tibetan singing bowls.

Sound of Himalaya Retreat

4. Samadhi Journeys - Spain

Samadhi Journeys is a retreat run by founders of the company, Jose Reynoso and Biance Kempe. They run wellness retreats across many countries like Spain, Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico, and Canada. Their retreats are designed to help people find deeper meaning and purpose in their life.

Samadhi Journeys Retreats

The Awakening 2.0

This retreat runs over seven days and takes place at a family-run retreat center in the Alpujarra mountain range of Spain.

The retreat will help attendees understand their behavioral habits and beliefs on a deeper level through the use of Ayahuasca, yoga and meditation, ancient medicines, conscious breathwork, and cold water therapy. Experience true sound healing by attending the sound journey provided on this retreat.

5. Wonderland Healing Center - Thailand

Located on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Wonderland Healing Center is a must-visit for those looking for sound healing while relaxing in a tropical paradise.

The wellness center specializes in mindfulness and aims to create a safe space for healing. The center offers different wellness treatments, and sound therapy is one of them.

Wonderland Healing Center

Elemental Sound Therapy

This treatment combines sound healing with their “5 Elements of Nature,” rituals, and mindfulness for deep healing.

During this treatment, you can expect to lay back and listen to the ethereal sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, voices, drums, Koshi (wooden chime), and even rattles.

The Himalayan bowls are placed on and around the body so that the vibrations can travel throughout the entire body. These vibrations, or waves, activate self-healing mechanisms and inner peace. Experience all this while relaxing under the green palm trees and picturesque mountain views.


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