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Top 7 Benefits Of Sea Moss And How To Use It

Updated: Feb 20

Sea moss… Irish moss… what’s the difference? We’ll get into that but first, let’s learn a bit more about this dietary supplement that’s taking the world by storm. The essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained within sea moss were first discovered on the Atlantic coasts. Here’s a quick history lesson for you!

The first time sea moss was actually utilized was during the Irish Potato Famine that occurred during the 1800s. Irish people ate these red algae as a main source of food which gained it the more common nickname of “Irish moss”.

How To Use Sea Moss Gel

There are multiple different scenarios in which Irish moss is utilized by people all over the world! The two main uses for “the collagen of the sea” simply can’t be ignored. Sea moss comes in raw form in which you would have to add water to the batch in order for it to be softened for consumption. It also comes in the form of capsules and gel. Sea moss is mostly tasteless unless you buy it flavored. When you buy sea moss in gel form, it will dissolve in liquid; it is best to ingest it in hot herbal tea.

Culinary Creations

Due to its naturally high carageen content, Irish moss is usually used as a thickening agent in the kitchen. During the winter months, sea moss would be a great addition to your soups and stews to keep you as warm as you are full of savory cuisine.

Dietary Supplements

Now that you’re on this healthy living kick, you need amazing food that supports this lifestyle!

Utilizing sea moss gel as a dietary supplement will provide you with the muscle-building amino acid, taurine. When you’re pumping iron in the gym or going for a killer run, your muscles may experience micro-tears. The amino acids contained within sea moss are essential for a restorative rebuild and recovery!

Types of Sea Moss: Which Sea Moss Is The Best?

As you may know, the ocean is an extremely large body of water that contains thousands of different species. That being said, there are more types of sea moss than you could even imagine. Right now, we’re going to focus on the two most popular types on the market today.

1. Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss)

This nutrient-rich food was once used as the only source of survival during the Irish Potato Famine. The wide and fan-like outer appearance of this moss is complemented by the deep purple color.

The rarity of this species of sea moss provides incredible value to its name and importan