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  • Rejuvenate in Luxury at Clinique La Praire in Switzerland

    Sometimes we need a break from our daily routine, so why not take a holistic gateway at Clinique La Prairie? Located in Switzerland, this luxurious wellness getaway on the Swiss Riviera is the ultimate gateway destination for those looking for a healthier life. The World Spa Awards awarded Clinique La Prairie the title of Switzerland's Best Wellness Retreat in 2022. As guests at the wellness center, your stay will focus on the four pillars of medical well-being: medical care, nutrition, well-being, and movement. This is achieved using internationally trained SPA therapists, medical experts, and traditional and alternative philosophies. Accommodation If you're looking for a getaway that oozes luxury, you will enjoy your stay at the Clinique La Prairie's main hotel, the Chateau. This building has 23 rooms and suites available for guests to choose from. All rooms offer stunning views of the gardens and lake. Choose suites like the Imperial, Royale, and Executive, with private balconies to look out over the gardens, lake, and mountains. If you're looking for a simpler and smaller place to stay, the Tsar suite and other spacious rooms and suites are excellent options. There is also the option to stay in the center's original building, which was built in the early 20th century. This is called The Residence, where you can stay in one of the three-bedroom Niehans Suites, with a private balcony and breathtaking views. You'll never want to go home! Check out this brochure to see what's available. Clinique La Prairie Medical Center Holistic well-being is at the heart of Clinique La Prarie's Medical Center and Spa. Using a holistic approach to medicine and well-being, Clinique La Prairie offers the following services: Acupuncture Angiology Aesthetic surgery Antalgia Dermatology and aesthetic medicine Dietetics Hypnosis Psychology To see all 20+ services they offer, you can visit the clinic's official website. Wellness Programs The clinic, spa, and hotel have many programs based on longevity, well-being, and beauty. The Longevity Programs The center takes a holistic approach to healing and prevention, making you feel balanced. Revitalisation Premium Program - 7 Days This program will stimulate your immune system, activate cell regeneration, and slow down signs of aging. If you choose this package, you can expect medical consultations and check-ups through lab analysis and even a CT scan. To learn more about this program, check out the brochure. Revitalisation Program - 7 Days Helping to promote cellular longevity, this program is excellent if you want to improve your stress management by having the Revitalizing signature massage. This program also includes accommodation in one of the center's stunning rooms or suites. Executive Vitality - 6 Days Bond with your friends or co-workers through cooking workshops, group challenges, an Ayurvedic abhyanga massage, and a mountain hike. This program is excellent if you want to go with a group of friends or use it for company team-building. The program will help you connect with others and develop inner peace. When participating in this program, stay in one of the Chateau's suites or rooms. Visit here to learn more. The Well-being Programs This program is perfect if you want to leave your holiday feeling physically and mentally rested. Master Detox - 7 Days Detox your body and mind by boosting your immune system and the heavy metals within your body. You will attend multiple medical consultations and nutrition workshops. An added bonus is that this program also helps slow the aging process. This program includes accommodation, access to all the facilities in the wellness center, and a limo service. Detox Reset - 5 Days Holistic well-being is all about restoring inner peace and getting into a healthier lifestyle. This program is excellent for those seeking an anti-inflammatory approach to detoxing the body and mind. Just like the others, this program includes a full board. Healthy Weight - 7 or 14 Days Who said holidays were notorious for weight gain? This program is designed to help you lose weight in seven or 14 days and develop a good plan for future weight loss with the help of nutrition sessions. Rebalancing - 7 Days This program is all about recovering from stress and tiredness. This is done through multiple relaxation sessions, massages, and therapy. All accommodation is included in this program. Beauty Programs Treat yourself while on holiday by attending one of these beauty-orientated workshops. Advanced Aesthetic Beauty - 5 Days This program will help you enhance your natural beauty without any cosmetic surgery. You will be treated to plenty of beauty- and anti-aging consultations and treatments for the feet, hands, face, and hair. Beauty Stem Cells - 4 Days Thanks to their anti-aging properties, stem cells are a game-changer in the beauty industry. Not only will you receive stem cell injections, but you can harvest and bank your own stem cells with Clinique La Prairie. Learn more here. Skin Boost - 2 Days This short program also includes stem cell extractions and injections. You'll leave your holiday looking younger and refreshed. Medical Programs Clinique La Prairie also offers medical programs that provide complete health evaluations and rehabilitation from sports injuries. Full Check-up - 4 Days Worrying about health concerns can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. The full check-up offered at Clinique La Prairie will give you back that peace of mind and identify any potential health problems. Better Mobility - 7 Days Go on holiday and recover from that sports injury simultaneously with this program. The mobility program includes: Results-focused medical expertise Mobility Therapy Training Revitalizing Spa There really is something for everyone to enjoy at this wellness center, courtesy of their wellness, medical, and beauty programs. Holtarian Magazine is your ultimate go-to guide for all of your holistic lifestyle needs & curiosities. Health-conscious and environmentally-conscience people from around the world can enjoy all of the information and resources this platform has to offer. Love this content? Don't forget to subscribe! Images from

  • A Healthy Retreat at Hilton Head Health Resort in South Carolina, USA

    If you're looking for a slightly different getaway than your previous one, why not visit the Hilton Head Health Resort for an opportunity to change your life and your health? Voted as the number one Weight Loss and Wellness Resort in 2019 by USA Today Readers' Choice, this resort is at the top of its game. Boasting a 40-year run, the Hilton Head Health Resort offers guests custom fitness plans, nutritional workshops, and transformative spa experiences. Located inside the gated community of Shipyard on the southeastern side of Hilton Head Island of South Carolina, USA, the resort offers everything a health and wellness resort needs. In addition, the resort offers guests miles of walking paths through 800 acres of oak trees, palms, and lagoons. They have it all regarding fitness, good food, and ultimate relaxation. Accommodation The resort has two different types of accommodation available. They have The Sweetgrass Inn and Private Villas for those looking for a more private stay. The Sweetgrass Inn The Sweetgrass Inn combines Lowcountry and modern, allowing guests to feel at ease upon arrival. Throughout the 30-room inn, guests will find highlights and examples of Gullah heritage, the people whose woven baskets are found throughout the resort. All rooms in the inn include the usual amenities like housekeeping and wifi. The communal areas throughout the inn encourage people to create meaningful connections with each other. Here are the different rooms to choose from: The Sweetgrass Suite This is the fanciest suite they offer guests, and once you're inside, you won't want to leave. If you're looking for a home away from home, consider staying in this 650 sq. ft. suite. The suite has a king bed, a separate lounge area, two smart TVs, and a massive walk-in shower. Signature King Room This 425 sq. ft. room is smaller but has all the comforts you need on your getaway. The room has a king bed, a separate lounge area, and a walk-in shower. Comfort King Room This is the smallest room available, with a king bed, one smart TV, and a comfortable chair. This room also has that envious walk-in shower. The Private Villas The private villas come in one, two, or three-bedroom options. All villas have a living area, dining room, bedroom with on-suite, kitchen, laundry, and a porch or patio to relax on. These villas are about a 3–7-minute walk from the main campus to promote the feeling of home away from home. The villas available: One Bedroom Villas Two Bedroom Villas Three Bedroom Villas Dining Healthy and delicious food is a big part of this resort's philosophy. Guests can attend classes and workshops within the resort's demonstration kitchen to learn new recipes and a healthier approach to food. For those who don't want to cook, the True Dining restaurant makes food created to meet the guidelines of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and American Diabetes Association. Their motto is that fine dining does not have to be unhealthy; looking at their menu, you can see it. Wellness This getaway is so different from others because you can work on your physical and mental self. You can do this by visiting the resort's spa and health program. The Indigo Spa This resort specializes in wellness through its Indigo Spa and Health Getaway program. The Indigo Spa, situated within the resort, offers a wide variety of treatments to promote the well-being of its guests. Their most popular treatments include the Soul-to-soul ritual, where guests are treated to full body exfoliation, foot ritual, and conditioning hair treatment. The spa also offers holistic therapies like Thai Yoga and Reiki to promote spiritual healing. They also provide Rock Tape Recovery, a new technique to facilitate the body's natural healing process. Healthy Getaway Program The healthy getaway program is a 3-4 day weight loss and wellness program that helps guests holistically overcome personal and physical hurdles. The wellness program is made up of the following activities: Customized fitness programs Enlightened self-reflection sessions Gourmet healthy eating Relaxing and healing spa activities Guests will be guided throughout the whole experience by a team of professionals to ensure that each person unlocks their true potential. You can find a sample itinerary here. If you want to change your life by improving your fitness levels, eating better, and better self-care, Hilton Head Health Resort should be your next getaway location for spiritual healing. Holtarian Magazine is your ultimate go-to guide for all of your holistic lifestyle needs & curiosities. Health-conscious and environmentally-conscience people from around the world can enjoy all of the information and resources this platform has to offer. Love this content? Don't forget to subscribe! Images and video from

  • 6 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Keep Your Memory Sharp

    Have you ever entered a room and completely forgotten why? If you sometimes struggle with memory, it might be caused by what you eat! Our daily diet plays a significant role in our memory capacity — and certain foods may cause memory gaps. Here are some foods to avoid if you want to help optimize your memory and keep it sharp and clear. 1. Beverages High in Refined Sugars It's enjoyable to drink an ice-cold soda on a hot day, but it is healthier to drink more water than other beverages. This is because sugary drinks — sodas, concentrated fruit juices, and energy drinks — contain high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Consuming large quantities of HFCS and refined sugar can create memory problems and other potentially serious health risks. In studying rats with a diet high in sugar consumption, scientists found that too much caused increased inflammation of the brain and memory loss. And a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that even mildly elevated blood sugar levels could result in brain atrophy, dementia, and memory problems. In addition, too many sugary drinks can cause type 2 diabetes, a metabolic syndrome with a range of symptoms, including: Obesity Fatigue Increased hunger Lack of blood flow to the brain In a recent study, this lack of blood flow to the brain was found to contribute to: Tingling & cramping in feet and hands Poor focus and concentration Memory loss And because caffeine can constrict the blood vessels in the brain, sugary and caffeinated drinks begin to decrease healthy blood flow to the brain subsequently causing memory loss. 2. Refined Carbs Not all carbs are good. For example, refined carbohydrates — white bread and rice — can cause memory problems. Refined carbs are usually made from processed grains and added sugars. They're considered high glycemic foods — when consumed, they can quickly elevate insulin and blood sugar levels. This high glycemic load can eventually lead to impaired brain function. Additional research shows that even a single meal per day with a high glycemic load can cause impaired memory function. This is perhaps due to inflammation of the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. 3. Foods High in Trans Fats Processed trans fat in foods can play a significant role in impairing functional memory. Also known as hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fats are used in many different foods, particularly snack foods. Some research indicates that eating foods with high amounts of trans fats causes poorer memory, lower brain volume, cognitive decline, and an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. For example, in a group of 38 female test subjects, women who consumed higher amounts of trans fats performed worse in memory and recognition tests than those who had not. Here are some foods high in trans fats: Frosting Shortening Margarine Some Cakes Some Cookies Most snack foods like chips Frozen and canned foods 4. Foods High in Artificial Sugars Foods and drinks labeled "sugar-free" rely on artificial sugars to give them their sweet taste, but using artificial sugar instead of white granulated sugar isn't necessarily a good thing. Consuming high amounts of artificial sugars such as aspartame can cause a metabolic syndrome like diabetes, which again can spur memory loss and impair cognitive function. Aspartame contains phenylalanine which disrupts the production of neurotransmitters, memory receptors in our brains. A study found that mice that repeatedly consumed high amounts of aspartame suffered from weakened memory. Mice are 60 times less sensitive to phenylalanine than humans, so it could be alarmingly worse for humans to consume excessive amounts of aspartame. Try These 5 Super Foods You Shouldn't Pass On! 5. Excessive Alcohol Consumption When you wake up the day after having a few too many drinks, you may find you have trouble recalling the previous day. Even occasional binge drinking can cause fuzzy or impaired memory and cognitive function, thanks to decreased blood flow to the brain. Chronic alcohol abuse creates an even more dangerous situation. It can result in reduced brain volume, as well as metabolic changes. It can also disrupt those neurotransmitters that ensure our memory is working properly. Studies have also determined that excessive amounts of alcohol increase your risk for dementia. Also, you may develop a vitamin B1 deficiency which, if left untreated, can quickly develop into Korsakoff's syndrome. This neurological disorder causes severe damage to the brain, impacting eyesight and causing confusion, unsteadiness, and memory loss. 6. Fish High in Mercury Fish is a nutritious food, typically high in healthy nutrients like omega-3s, vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and magnesium. But not all fish should be eaten in large amounts. Some fish can contain high amounts of mercury, a heavy-metal contaminant and neurological poison stored in the tissue of the fish. Consuming too much fish with mercury can begin to damage the brain, central nervous system, and neurotransmitters. Mercury is especially dangerous to pregnant women as it can negatively affect the development of the fetus. Fish often found to be high in mercury include: Swordfish Tuna King mackerel Orange roughy To consume these fish safely, eat no more than one serving per week. Try instead to eat fish like salmon or trout, which tend to contain lower levels of mercury. Final Message Eating the right foods can help us have a healthier body, but it can also be key to helping us maintain a strong, clear memory. Minimizing foods high in trans fats, artificial sugars, and refined carbs can help you upkeep your memory longer. The next time you want to reach for a sugary soft drink or a snack high in transfats or refined sugars, try a refreshing glass of flavored sparkling water or non-concentrated fruit juice and organic trail mix instead. Holtarian Magazine is your ultimate go-to guide for all of your holistic lifestyle needs & curiosities. Health-conscious and environmentally-conscience people from around the world can enjoy all of the information and resources this platform offers. Subscribe today! Images from Unsplash

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    Holtarian's mission and vision is quite simple, and it is to inspire the world to enrich their mind, body, and environment. You see, modern society today has veered away from basic holistic lifestyle practices that are inevitably destroying the earth and in turn our health. Holtarian Magazine aims to innovate holistic living to accommodate modern people, as holistic practices are ancient principles. Modern holistic living is no longer only focusing on the mind, body, and soul, but also, on regenerating mother earth! It is now time to give the world today as we know it ... a reboot! Chances are that you are passionate about holistic living because you are already living in that way. And now, you are here to join us on this life-changing mission!

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