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Whether you're an expert ready to share your expertise or an enthusiast who has a story to tell, we would love to read what you have to submit!

Submission Guidelines:
  1. In the email subject line, input the title of your article.

  2. In the body of the email, insert your drafted article. No email attachments will be accepted. 

  3. Include any source hyperlinks within the body of the email next to the statement in brackets. All written claims should be able to be verified or justified.

  4. Include your bio, any credentials, personal website and/or social media page if desired, and any past publications you've written or featured in at the end of the email. 

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Ready to submit? 

Email writing to:

We read every submission that enters our inbox. If your article is accepted, we will respond to you within 14 business days with the next steps.

By submitting to Holtarian you acknowledge that you accept all editing terms the Holtarian editorial team deems necessary for publish ready content.​

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