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What is a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

Updated: Jan 22

With our rising interest in sustainable solutions, zero-waste living has become increasingly popular in the past decade. It lets us take charge of our own environmental footprint rather than waiting for the government or large corporations to take action for us.

As the name suggests, zero-waste living entails reducing one’s production of waste to reduce landfill pileups. While this may sound daunting at first, doing small daily tasks can ease being overwhelmed with planning. No matter how much waste your household currently produces, you can use some of the basic principles of a zero-waste lifestyle to reduce it. Make it a collective and fun effort, and get your family involved, even your friends!

  • Reduce the number of items you use daily – use just enough tissue paper, paper towels, and/or fabric softener.

  • Replace plastic with biodegradable paper, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and/or silicone products. Use reusable beeswax food wraps instead of saran wraps.

  • Reuse what you have, like emptied glass and aluminum old food storage containers, and find new reusable alternatives for single-use products such as bamboo and stainless steel straws.

  • Recycle your waste properly and learn what belongs in which bin in your local waste management facility.

  • Rot your food scraps in a compost to give them the optimum conditions to decompose. You can use your compost to create a garden, no matter the size of your dwelling, or donate it to your local community garden.


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