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We are Holtarian®..

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It's a way of life and a state of being. 

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Holtarian® is the home of the Modern Holistic Lifestyle! We are the Modern Holistic Lifestyle Magazine inspiring you to enrich your Mind, Body, and Environment


We are your go-to guide for the latest news and all things holistic health and wellness, bringing together holistic lifestyle enthusiasts, experts, brands, and local businesses through our multimedia platform! 




Hol: Holistic + Arian: Belief in

An individual who lives a Modern Holistic Lifestyle to enrich their Mind, Body, and Environment.

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Be Inspired,
Enrich your Well-being.

Your #1 Source for the Latest News and Information on Holistic Living for Modern People!

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We are on a mission to deliver accurate and practical holistic lifestyle informational media to empower you to take action and obtain the quality of life you desire and deserve. Your well-being is crucial and relies on the overall health of your mind, body, and environment, as they are interconnected... So, we focus on enriching your mind, body, and environment. We call this Modern Holistic Living. We firmly believe that a holistic lifestyle is the most effective way to achieve a quality of life. So, we have gathered holistic lifestyle-friendly businesses in your city, brands, experts, influencers, enthusiasts, and all the information you need to begin your holistic lifestyle journey!

We are here to:

  • Innovate ancient holistic lifestyle principles for modern people, making it more accessible.

  • Enrich the lives of individuals who seek optimal well-being.

  • Inspire a world of self-sufficient, health & environmental-conscious individuals.

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We do all of the research, so you don't have to! All of our content requires two rounds of thorough editing & fact-checking. A licensed healthcare professional on staff reviews every piece of content for accuracy before publishing.

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Holtarian®  was curated to inspire you to discover your optimal well-being through holistic living. I am super passionate about holistic health & wellness because it has improved my life tremendously. My hope is that the Holtarian Community will help facilitate positive change in your life!

-Destiny Ani, Chief Editor

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