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5 Easy Tips for Living a Modern Holistic Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 7

Holistic living has changed drastically over the past decades as society has modernized. The holistic principles are ancient old practices with key components of addressing the mind, body, and soul which still apply today, however, has evolved to adapt to modern society.

So, how has the holistic lifestyle evolved?

Modern Holistic Living now focuses on the Mind, Body, and Environment, and not solely the soul as its own. As our mental and physical health is challenged by factors of climate change, global warming, and increased toxin exposure, the modern holistic lifestyle has adapted by addressing modern people's overall health and well-being while emphasizing the need to improve our environment simultaneously.

And, What happened to the soul?

The soul is still present, of course! The Modern Holistic Living™ philosophy embeds our soul within the subconscious of our mind and body, it is within. The soul is who we are and what makes us human. Essentially, when we enrich our minds and bodies, we inevitably enrich our souls.

How do I adopt a Modern Holistic lifestyle?

As stated previously, a modern holistic lifestyle emphasizes enriching the mind, body, and environment. We have a big myth that healthy living only revolves around eating foods that aid in weight loss. Being healthy is all about living a balanced, holistic lifestyle; a holistic lifestyle that benefits your body's blueprint. It enables your mind and body to thrive optimally, adapt to stress, and minimize toxins within your environment. Not one lifestyle will look the same, as everyone lives differently, this is the beauty of modern holistic living; it is practical and tailored to your everyday life. It allows you to explore what works and what does not work. It allows you to take baby steps toward a healthier future. Whether you're a busy CEO or a stay-at-home mom, modern holistic lifestyles will work for anyone willing to thrive!

A modern holistic lifestyle involves finding foods that nourish and energize your body, choosing at least one healthy habit daily, giving yourself grace, giving yourself personal space and self-care, performing daily movements such as walking and stretching, mindfulness, prayer, and meditation, practicing sustainability, being around positive people, and helping and uplifting others, to name a few.

Here are 5 Modern Holistic Lifestyle Tips:

1. Add More Natural Foods

A holistic lifestyle is about living a lifestyle that works best for you and is the most body-friendly and eco-friendly. So, the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to start eating more natural and healthy foods.

Natural foods are your preventative medicine. Processed foods may claim to have some nutritional value with no side effects, but you will be surprised to see the harmful chemicals listed in the ingredients used to enhance the flavor and shelf life. It seems that ingesting preservatives and toxins is unavoidable today. However, there are things we can do daily to minimize our exposure.

Go for more home-cooked foods and minimize processed frozen dinners or restaurant takeout. Homemade foods taste better and will give you peace of mind because you know what you are putting into your body.

When necessary, always choose the available organic and natural food brands that sell packaged goods and pre-made foods and beverages. Buy a juicer and start drinking homemade mixed fruit and veggie juices. As modern society gets busier we must learn to meal prep for the upcoming week. When buying organic foods always look for the certified organic seal on packaging.

​Tip: A rule of thumb is to eat raw veggies at least once daily. This can be in the form of wraps, salads, smoothies, and juices with some pulp for fiber. Fast at least once per week and detox at least once per month.

Check out the 5 superfoods you shouldn't pass on.

2. Practice Prayer, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Practicing prayer, meditation, and mindfulness are beneficial acts that are essential aspects of a holistic lifestyle. Meditation does not always mean practicing yoga but can be practiced by closing the eyes in silence and expressing gratitude or other positive thoughts. Mindfulness is simply the practice of slowing down and taking in the moment, this is best done while eating for thoroughly chewing and enjoying your food.

Studies show that meditation and mindfulness help to improve mental health and physical ailments. It also helps to increase control over your mind, enhancing focus and mental willpower. It may make you more confident and connected to yourself and your surroundings.

Tip: Take at least 10 mins daily for dedicating to prayer, meditation, or mindfulness.

Meditation is very beneficial for controlling emotions and increasing willpower.

3. Find Your Therapy and "Me Time"

Every person should do something that brings them comfort. Something that brings them peace of mind and pulls them away from negativity. Whether it be adopting a hobby, talking to a professional, spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, drawing, painting, listening to or creating music, or exercising, to name a few. Find a therapeutic practice that you can do regularly to bring you peace and happiness.

Just as you may find that surrounding yourself with your family and friends brings you peace, you must also find balance with some "me-time". As much as keeping the people around you who love you for social support is important for a holistic lifestyle, treating yourself to some personal space for self-care plays a big part too. Sometimes, personal space is just what we need to free our mind, body, and spirit.

Going to the spa, walking, sitting on a bench surrounded by nature at the park, or just being in your room alone gives you the time to think about yourself. It gives you the time to realize what you need and want for yourself and your life.

Tip: Do at least one thing per week that brings you joy.

4. Improve your Environment

The condition and health of your environment are a direct reflection of you and generally how you feel. Have you ever noticed that after cleaning your home, you suddenly feel better? This is because an unhealthy environment can negatively impact your mental health.

Your environment has several factors that determine the health of your environment including overall cleanliness, the number of toxic products used daily, the amount of trash and waste produced, and whether or not you recycle, to name a few. Your home is your safe haven so to gauge the health of your environment ask yourself " am I happy and at peace when I am home?" If not, evaluate what needs to change in order for your home life to improve. Additionally, your environment does not stop at home, it also includes your car, your place of work, and other places you frequently visit weekly.

There are many ways to improve your personal haven. You can start gradually by:

  1. Recycling and picking up trash around you.

  2. Adding plants and flowers to your surroundings.

  3. Replacing plastic ware with glass, stainless steel, or silicone.

  4. Decluttering and donating unused items.

  5. Using more reusable, recyclable, organic, and/or natural personal and household goods.

Tip: Choose at least one of the 5 environmental-friendly tips above and start today!

5. Try Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is integral to living a holistic lifestyle. It has so many uses and benefits that can enhance your wellness and environment. You can use essential oils in a diffuser to detox the air you breathe or in skin care products to enhance the fragrance and to detox your skin.

You can also ingest food-grade essential oils to enhance your foods like smoothies, juices, fruit smoothie bowls, etc. The aroma of essential oils alone is enough to make you want to try it out!

Tip: Buy one essential oil vial and add two drops to your favorite moisturizer or carrier oil (Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Olive) for your personal aromatherapy session.


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