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5 Practical and Easy Life-Changing Tips for Living a Modern Holistic Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 14

Holistic living has changed drastically over the past decades as society has modernized. The holistic principles are ancient old practices with key components of the mind, body, and soul that still apply today, however, has evolved to adapt to modern society.

So, how has the holistic lifestyle changed?

Modern Holistic Living now focuses on the Mind, Body, and Environment. As mental health is challenged and factors of the climate change crisis are threatening our daily lives, the modern holistic lifestyle focuses on addressing modern people's overall health and well-being.

What happened to the soul?

The soul is still present, of course! The Modern Holistic Lifestyle philosophy embeds the soul within the subconscious of the mind. The soul is who we are, and what makes us human. Essentially, our mind feeds our souls, and our bodies are the physical reflection and manifestation of our souls. So, by enriching our minds and bodies, we inevitably enrich our souls.

How do I adopt a Modern Holistic lifestyle?

As stated above, a modern holistic lifestyle focuses on enriching the mind, body, and environment. We have a big myth that healthy holistic living only revolves around eating foods that aid in weight loss. Being healthy is all about living a balanced, holistic lifestyle. This lifestyle benefits everyone as it involves foods that help your body's blueprint. It enables your mind and body to adapt to stress and minimizes toxins within your environment. It is the most optimal for your lifestyle. Not one lifestyle will look the same as everyone lives differently; this is the beauty of modern holistic living, it is practical and tailored to your everyday life. It allows you to explore what works and what does not work. It allows you to take baby steps toward a healthier future. Whether you're a busy CEO or a stay-at-home mom, modern holistic lifestyles will work for anyone willing to thrive!

A modern holistic lifestyle involves finding foods that energize your body, choosing at least one healthy habit daily, giving yourself grace, giving yourself personal space and self-care, performing daily movements such as walking and stretching, mindfulness, prayer, and meditation, practicing sustainability, being around positive people, and helping and uplifting others, to name a few.

Here are 5 Modern Holistic Lifestyle Tips:

1. Add More Natural Foods

A holistic lifestyle is about living a lifestyle that works best for you and is the most body-friendly and eco-friendly. So, the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to start eating more natural and healthy foods.