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5 Easy Ways to Recycle at Home

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Who hasn’t learned about the three “R’s” of waste management: reduce, reuse, recycle? That phrase probably brought back some fond childhood memories of when your parents told you to put the milk carton in the designated recycling bin. Your recycling contribution ensures that the environment receives less waste in landfills.

Just think, if everyone did at least one environmentally beneficial act at home and work, our earth will have a greater chance of self-healing and repair. To truly become the holistic lifestyle enthusiast you’ve always wanted to be, use the recycling tips below as your guiding light. Now, let’s get started!

1. To Be Or Not To Be: Find Out What You Should You Recycle.

At this point, you may be staring at your kitchen not even knowing where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Luckily, you can check your local refuse provider's website. This contains everything you need to know about what materials are suitable for recycling.

The digital age is also in full effect within this sector so check to see if your waste management provider has an app that you can download onto your phone.

2. Reuse Those Plastic Grocery Bags For Another Purpose!

Do you throw the plastic grocery bags away every time you come back from the grocery store? Interestingly enough, these bags can serve other purposes around your house. Maybe the small trash can inside your bathroom needs a new lining?

Also, when you put on your chef’s hat in the kitchen, clean out a plastic bag and use it to season up your supper! Ladies, you can also use the plastic bag to help deep condition your hair.

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3. Change Your Sheets And Convert Them To Wash Rags

When the time for spring cleaning rolls around, you may also be looking to throw out your bedsheets with the dust bunnies. Before you toss them out for good, take a moment to salvage a few pieces that you can use as wash rags. Put them in the washing machine and then cut them into squares sized to your liking to be used as new additions to your kitchen cleaning ensemble!

4. The Endless Trail Of Glass Recyclables

The best part about glass materials is that the recycling train never ends!

As long as the glass isn’t completely shattered (and even when it is), these materials can be recycled and repurposed around your home. You can turn an old jar into vases or storage containers. If the glass is shattered, feel free to safely transfer the materials to a close friend who loves to create abstract art.

5. Any Form Of Cardboard Is Up For Grabs: Flatten Then Finish!

Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes laying around? Make sure you flatten the boxes before you put them in the recycling bin so you can fit as many as possible. If you don’t want to throw them out, find fun ways to repurpose them throughout your home! Maybe you can reuse them for your next move or store things in them from around your home for more organization.

The Power To Protect The Planet Is In Your Hands

After reading this article, you may still be asking yourself…

Why is recycling important to the Earth?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Although this question is quite complex, there is a simplified version. Recycling helps prevent pollution and the reuse of current materials prevents the need to harvest new ones. This, in turn, saves energy, saves money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for?

When you abide by the three “R’s”, you’re part of the solution!


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