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5 Healthy and Safe Pregnancy Workouts For Expecting Moms

Updated: Feb 27

You’ll never forget the moment you picked up that test stick and saw those two pink lines confirming what you likely already expecting… you’re pregnant!

Whether the initial emotion was fear or excitement, or maybe a little bit of both, you might have started to wonder what the next 9 months would hold in store for you. How much is going to stay the same and how much is going to change?

For many expecting moms, whether they were working out pre-pregnancy or not, staying active during this time can seem like a daunting task. Some even wonder to what extent is it even recommended.

In this article, we’ll discuss why prenatal exercise is so important, as well as the best workouts for expecting moms.

women doing exercise

Why Working Out During Pregnancy is Important

Pregnancy often breeds the temptation to sit back, take it easy, and cease all physical activity. Especially in that first trimester when morning sickness and fatigue are in full swing.

And while there is definitely a time and place to take it easy and let your body rest, consistent exercise should still be a priority for expecting mothers who aren’t experiencing any pregnancy complications.

Rest assured, you and your baby will be thankful you stayed active during these next 9 months. Benefits of being active include:

  • Reduced reports of backaches, swelling, bloating, and constipation

  • Increase in mood and energy levels

  • Limit excessive weight gain

  • Make it easier to lose weight after the baby is born

  • Sleep better

  • Building strength and endurance for the marathon of labor

  • Lower the risk of gestational diabetes

  • Shorten labor time

  • Lower risk of C-section