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Brita Water Filter Company Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged False Product Claims

Updated: Sep 2

Brita LP, a prominent player in the water filtration industry, is facing a lawsuit over alleged false claims about product effectiveness.

The suit, filed by a group of California consumers, claims Brita knowingly overstated the ability of its water filtration products to remove impurities, leading consumers to feel they’re purchasing a higher level of water purity than they actually get.

Brita filtered Drinking Water

The proposed class action alleges that packaging and promotion for Brita water filters mislead purchasers about the filters’ effectiveness, promising to reduce dozens of contaminants in tap water, such as lead and benzene. The complaint argues that Brita doesn’t indicate that the filters cannot effectively remove certain notoriously risky toxic substances like:

  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) are used extensively in a wide variety of products, from paints and cleaners to cookware and cosmetics. Referred to as “forever chemicals,” PFAs turn up in nearly half of U.S. water samples. They’re linked to cancer and hormone dysfunction.

  • Arsenic enters stream water naturally as minerals dissolve. Arsenic is associated with kidney damage and other effects on health.

  • Uranium, radium, and other harmful chemical elements and metals often appear in tap water.

The class action suit comes at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about contaminants in water sources, and trust commercially available filtration systems to provide high-quality, safe drinking water.

Class action plaintiffs have presented evidence – based on independent laboratory testing – that these impurities remain in Brita-filtered water and allege that Brita is obligated to disclose what their filters don’t eliminate publicly. The suit seeks monetary compensation and other damages for California purchasers of Brita filters in the last four years.

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Drinking pure water

Impact on Brita and Industry-Wide

The Brita name has long been synonymous with pure water, and current allegations may have significant repercussions for the company’s market standing and reputation. A spokesperson for Brita’s parent, The Clorox Company, stated that the company is committed to transparency and that the claims made in the lawsuit are unfounded.

Over time, various tests have been published, indicating what Brita does and does not filter out.

The class action suit comes when consumers are increasingly concerned about contaminants in water sources and trust commercially available filtration systems to provide high-quality, safe drinking water.

Legal and consumer protection experts suggest that the suit against Brita may set a precedent for more rigorous cross-industry scrutiny of product claims to assure quality, accuracy, and transparency and discourage misleading product marketing.


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