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3 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Water Bottles

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Chances are that you are an environmentally conscious person, so you are looking for ways to eliminate plastic use in your daily life. We may have all seen plastic water bottles floating onto the shore at the beach, lake, or river.

The reality is the world is facing a major pollution problem with landfills overfilling with plastic waste. There are several major reasons to ditch your favorite plastic bottle. So, let's discuss the top 3 reasons.

glass water bottles

Paper or plastic?

My friend, definitely paper...

Paper is easy to degrade and recycle to be reused. We use paper daily and many companies are switching their packaging to paper.

Now, the hard-hitting question is…

Glass or plastic?

Think about it this way, simple life choices such as this one can completely change the world.

There's no doubt that glass should always be the first choice. Whether you are using disposable plastic bottles or reusable plastic bottles, plastic material is harmful to our bodies and the environment.

So, Why Are Glass Bottles Better Than Plastic?

Glass water bottles have been proven time and time again to be much better than plastic bottles. As you may know, the environmental detriments of plastic water bottles are clear.

These detriments include:

Increased global energy consumption

Increased chemical pollution

Increased greenhouse gas emissions

Have you ever thought about how plastic water bottles affect your short and long-term health?

Sure, with plastic water bottles, the convenience factor is definitely there. You’re in a hurry going through the grocery store, so you just grab a few disposable bottles… every single week. When you do this, you’re throwing a large amount of plastic into the environment when you could be using reusable glass bottles instead.

3 Major Reasons to Ditch Those Plastic Water Bottles

1. Eliminate Chemical Infiltration

Interestingly enough, many people don’t know that plastic water bottles have the capability of leaking hundreds of different chemicals. Imagine, you think you’re taking a crisp sip of freshwater when you’re actually welcoming harmful chemicals into your body!

These chemicals can eventually cause long-term health issues such as Endocrine system disruption and cancer.

In the event you must use plastic water bottles, don't forget to recycle!

2. Add A Flair Of Fruit Without The Fear Of Degradation

The love for fruit-flavored water is definitely “in” right now!

When you use a reusable glass water bottle, you don’t have to worry about the degradation of the material itself. After a while, soft plastic bottles will become discolored and eventually degrade from the acid components contained within the fruit.

Keep experiencing a burst of flavor in every sip with a glass water bottle!

Also, water in a glass tastes better!

3. Clean And Reuse With A Peace of Mind

The constant heat from your dishwasher is too much for soft plastic bottles to handle!

Even if you can’t visibly see the damage, your body is dealing with the cruel aftermath of leaching chemicals. Fortunately, glass water bottles are dishwasher safe given they hold their form and integrity with each wash.

After hundreds of washes, you can still feel confident and comforted by the clarity of your glass!


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