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A Stunning Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos

Updated: Apr 5

If you’re looking for a vacation destination to relax while restoring your body and mind, this is the place to do it. Amanyara is a luxury beach resort located on an 18,000-acre nature reserve in Turk and Caicos.

Their wellness retreat will make you physically and mentally restored from time spent in the fitness center or their tranquil yoga sala. Amanyara has been recognized as the Caribbean’s Leading Beach Resort by the World Travel Awards 2022, making them an excellent choice for the ultimate wellness getaway.

amanyara resort


Guests are stunned by the views of natural water ponds in the reserve and ocean. Amanyara offers guests two options, pavilions or villas. All of the resort’s villas and pavilions are nestled amongst the coastal vegetation of the nature reserve.

hotel room

The Pavilions

The pavilions are kitted out with floor-to-ceiling windows accessed from the first floor. Some units come with a private pool; otherwise, there is easy access to the communal pool.

Here are the different pavilions available:

  • Amanyara Pavilion: Elevated above the waterline with ocean views and an open-plan living with a private T-shaped pool

  • Deluxe Pool Pavilion: With an infinity swimming pool, walled garden, and glassed-in relaxation alcove

  • Ocean Cove Pavilion: Two-bedroom pavilion with its private corner of the coastline

  • Ocean Pavilion: Raised above the waterline with pathways leading directly to the shore

  • Pool Pavilion: Has private infinity-edge swimming pools and large timber sun decks

  • Alcove Pavilion: It has timber sundecks that look out over the water and a glassed-in sunroom

resort pool

The Villas

The Villas are larger and more private. Many with private pools, and some even have chefs to prepare the guests’ food.

Here are the different villas available:

  • The Artists Villa: Amanyara’s signature villa with a private beach and an infinity pool

  • Six-Bedroom Beach Sala Villa: Has a black infinity swimming pool and a private beach frontage

  • Five-Bedroom Serenity Villa: Has a black infinity swimming pool, a waterfall, and calming lounge area

  • Five-Bedroom Beach Sala Villa: Has a black infinity-edge swimming pool, lounging, and dining area

  • Four-Bedroom Beach Sala Villa: Has a large infinity swimming pool, shaded dining, lounging salas, and a large terrace

  • Four-Bedroom Ocean Villa: Has premium views across the ocean

  • Four-Bedroom Beach Path Tranquility Villa: Has an infinity swimming pool, extensive living areas, and a path that leads to the beach

  • Four-Bedroom Tranquility Villa: Has a black infinity-edge swimming pool, lounging, and dining areas

  • Three-Bedroom Tranquility Villa: Has an infinity-edge swimming pool, dining Sala, and a large terrace

  • Two-Bedroom Pool Villa: Has a private fitness room, a nanny’s room, and a sun deck with a private lap pool

resort pool

Wellness Facilities

Amanyara proudly states that they take a holistic approach when it comes to the wellness of their guests. Upon booking, guests can choose which wellness journey they desire.

Each journey is three nights or more and is tailored personally to each guest and hosted by world-renowned specialists in health, fitness, and holistic well-being traditions. They specialize in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and stress management skills.

woman in beach

Mindfulness and Stress Management

This retreat package is designed for guests who want to regain control of their lives and work on their inner peace. It can take a toll on your well-being if you constantly battle with stress in the workplace or your personal life. By practicing mindfulness, you can help manage this stress and learn some management techniques you can use at any time.

This retreat program comprises physical movement sessions, specialist treatment sessions, and specific spa treatments.

The movement sessions typically include the following:

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Qi Yong

  • Pranayama

  • Fitness training

These sessions are a great way to strengthen your body and create a calmer, more centered body.

The therapy sessions typically include the following:

  • Meditation

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Postural programming

These sessions are for your mind and body so that both are at peace with each other.

Spa treatments include:

  • Aqua bodywork

  • Deep tissue massages

  • Thai massages

  • Reflexology

You can find more on this retreat package here!

wellness room with massage tables

Stress-relief Wellness Retreat

Much like the other program, this wellness journey is four nights long and promotes stress relief and restoring harmony in the mind and body. Stress is not suitable for the body, and if left uncontrolled, it can result in some serious medical issues, which is why this program is so beneficial. Led by an expert, guests participate in two group therapy sessions about overcoming stress and meditation sessions.

Additionally, guests take part in a wellness class which includes the following:

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Sound healing

  • Tennis

  • Circuit training

Other inclusions you can look forward to are:

  • 60-minute Aman massage.

  • 60-minute wellness session

  • 60-minute private movement class

  • Daily wellness-oriented group classes (Pilates, yoga, tennis)

  • Daily beach activities

beach view from resort

One-day Wellness Immersion

If you’re only looking for a quick getaway, Amanyara offers a one-day wellness immersion program designed to promote fast and profound change. This program is an entire body program targeting your fitness, mind, and stress.

This program will include the following:

  • Aman consultation

  • Actigraph assessment

  • 60-minute private wellness therapy, which could include anything from meditation and hypnotherapy to postural reprogramming

  • 60-minute private fitness session, this could include things like tennis, yoga, or pilates

  • 60-minute spa treatment, which could include massages, facials, or body therapies

woman helping each other

Aman Spa

If you’re not interested in attending their wellness programs, Amanyara has a stunning spa where guests can relax and reconnect with themselves. Using all-natural products, Aman Spa promotes relaxation and harmony.

Their philosophy is built on the pillars of wellness, nutrition, movement, psychological health, and bodywork. They believe in treating the whole body, mind, and spirit as these are connected.

Wellness Services

Aman Spa does offer some wellness services on top of its spa treatments. Here are the different wellness services:

  • Wellness consultation: Health evaluation on primary health concerns, wellness, and lifestyle

  • Medical Body Composition Assessment: An mBCA machine that will analyze all elements of body composition

  • Postural Assessment: Helps you make decisions about how you choose to move and exercise

  • Biofeedback: Provides information at a cellular level

  • Meridian Therapy Acupuncture: Helps with pain management, allergies, and insomnia

All their treatments have one goal, total balance. In addition, all their treatments are based on three formulations: grounding, purifying, and nourishing.


These are great for people seeking grounding and inner peace.

Some of the treatments include:

  • Grounding scrub and wrap

  • Grounding face ritual

  • Grounding massage ritual


These treatments are for people looking for a fresh start and lightness.

Some of the treatments include:

  • Purifying massage ritual

  • Purifying face ritual

  • Purifying scrub and wrap

resort cabana


These treatments are designed for people looking for regeneration and healing.

Treatments include:

  • Nourishing scrub ritual

  • Nourishing face ritual

You can learn more about the three formulations on their spa menu!

Earth’s Apothecary

Aman Spa has a range of wellness products that have many benefits.

This range includes:

  • Smoked body balms,

  • Fragrant dew mists

  • Liquid body oils,

  • Body scrubs

  • Anti-aging serums

Amanyara does offer a great getaway destination that promotes wellness through holistic practices and offers something for everyone!


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