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Top 3 Mouth-Watering Vegan Dessert Shops in Seattle, Washington, USA

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

These three mouth-watering vegan businesses in Seattle serve desserts that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Vegan desserts seattle washington
Luca Micheli x Unsplash

1. Frankie & Jo’s - Capitol Hill

Franky & Jo's
Frankie & Jo's

A reputable brand that people love and believe in, Frankie & Jo’s does more than just make ice cream, aiming to reduce their dependence on animals, whether for food, tradition, or daily living.

They serve up delicious plant-based ice cream, with an emphasis on quality rather than mass production. Their out-of-the-box approach requires innovation, starting with the cups and cones they use, which are made with compostable and recyclable packaging. As a certified B-Corp company, they pride themselves on upholding their company values, which include reducing their dependency on cow’s milk, creating plant-based, organic products, and keeping sustainability, climate change, supply chain practices, and giving back to the community in mind.

The base of Frankie & Jo’s ice cream is all-natural, allowing you to indulge in a delicious guilt-free treat. They use seasonal veggies, fruits, adaptogens, superfoods, and herbs to create scrumptious flavors for their ice cream. They also use gum-free coconut milk and gluten-free oat milk to form a luscious, creamy texture. Although most of their ice cream is made with organic cane sugar, they have custom flavors that are sweetened with organic dates and coconut sugar.

Frankie & Jo's ice cream
Frankie & Jo's

Inside their ice cream, you can expect to find brownie chunks, cacao nibs, shortbread cookies, and activated charcoal caramel; all of which are gluten-free and 100% plant-based, even down to the cone. This includes their maple vanilla waffle cone batter, made with pure maple syrup, oat flour, flax seeds, and a pinch of brown sugar.

Made with the finest ingredients, this place will change the way you think about ice cream and keep you coming back for more! The best time to try Frankie & Jo’s ice cream is the first Wednesday of every month when they launch their seasonal flavors.

2. Askatu Bakery

Askatu Bakery
Askatu Bakery

If you love carbs, then you’ve got to try Askatu Bakery. Their sought-after bread is great for vegans, pastry lovers, and those on a keto diet.

Owner and head baker, Estela Martinez, uses her knowledge of biology and her Master of Public Health degree to bake protein-rich, nutrient-dense recipes. Her journey into making allergen-free bread involved studying the biochemistry of proteins to create balanced flours, with ingredients like millet, legumes, and sorghum, ensuring the right consistency through innovation. Unlike most gluten-free bakeries, Martinez never uses xanthan or guar gums. Her customers have claimed they couldn't tell the difference between Askatu’s bread and the standard loaf.

It all started when her child was diagnosed with a medical condition. Martinez buckled down and studied biochemistry research articles at medical libraries, which then led her to bake recipes, made with love, to nourish her child. With her expertise in amino acids and molecular baking, and encouraged by a family friend, Martinez started a bakery business.

Askatu Bakery Brownies
Askatu Bakery

One popular menu item, the Ceci bars, contains a nut butter alternative, which Martinez created after her daughter’s classmates raved about peanut butter, but felt left out because of her food allergy. After some trial and error, she perfected the protein-rich spread and packed her daughter’s lunch box with a Ceci butter and jelly sandwich. It was a huge success, her daughter felt like she could fit in, and all her classmates were intrigued by her unique, delicious baked goods.

Askatu is a great bakery, offering high-quality products and breads similar to those made with wheat, barley, and rye. They make it possible for those with debilitating food allergies to enjoy tasty cakes and treats that are made healthy for everyone.

3. Lazy Cow Bakery

lazy cow bakery photo
Lazy Cow Bakery

Lazy Cow Bakery, located in the University District of Seattle, Washington, is a small business committed to community and compassion. Open for business in 2021, their mission is “to bring joy through pastries and cakes with an emphasis on worker’s rights”.

Their sweets are 100% plant-based, and the business also doubles as a Latinx mutual aid organization known as, La Casa del Xoloizcuintle. They give back to the community by donating food, hosting dance party events, and more. The business owner, Lara de la Rosa, created the space to serve as part vegan bakery, part food pantry, and part community space. The company has roots of liberation for both animals and people. You can also donate canned foods to the food pantry while indulging in delicious and beautiful desserts. Even the locals who are non-vegan enjoy Lazy Cow’s cakes. Eventually, de la Rosa hopes to expand her food pantry to serve hot meals along with distributing canned goods.

De la Rosa combines her skills from working as a former biochemist with her passion by experimenting with different baking recipes in the kitchen. She says, “the connection between baking and biochemistry is simple: baking isn’t just related to science, it is science.”

Lazy Cow Bakery Cakes
Lazy Cow Bakery

Lazy Cow Bakery is known for its cakes and other pastry items, but de la Rosa plans to expand her business to add brunch, movie nights, Spanish language lessons, and dancing under a disco ball. Groovy!

As she scales up the bakery, her goal is to use more sustainable materials and create partnerships with food banks where she can donate unsold food items to prevent food waste. She’s off to a great start, having already partnered with Fluffy Cow Coffee, who donate money to animal rescue shelters in Washington with every bag of coffee purchased.

Not only is Lazy Cow a popular spot for vegan desserts but it also serves as a loving community space in Seattle that you don’t want to miss!


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