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Top 3 Vegan Dessert Spots in Atlanta, Georgia

Many dream of visiting the Big Apple one day, but when you’re getting ready to book your next trip, why not stop to consider the Big Peach? 

The Big Peach, a.k.a. good old Atlanta, Georgia, scored its nickname due to its legacy of growing some of the world’s best peaches. With 15 separate streets named after the peachtree, it’s clear the city is proud of their delicious fruit. 

Atlanta Georgia
Ben Dutton x Unsplash

Maybe you are a proud native of the exciting city of Atlanta, Georgia, but this article will be just as relevant to you as it would for any potential tourist making plans to visit because we’re going to show you the top three vegan dessert spots in Atlanta, Georgia. 

So, let’s jump in and indulge your sweet tooth while feeling good about it. 

1. Eighty7sweets Vegan Ice Cream Company 

eighty7sweets ATL icecream
eighty7sweets ATL

If you’re looking for a cold and refreshing treat after a long day in the Georgia heat, this is going to be your spot. Eighty7sweets Vegan Ice Cream Company is located smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta. 

Eighty7sweets is the perfect dessert spot for those with sensitive stomachs, allergies, or dietary restrictions. With high-quality, 100% vegan, and entirely dairy-free ingredients, delicious desserts are made available for everyone. 

eighty7sweets ATL icecream
eighty7sweets ATL

If you’re feeling traditional, grab a mouth-watering scoop of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or Oreo. If you’re feeling bold, you can try a more unique flavor like Lenox Lime and Avocado, Caramel Cobb, or West End Wakanda. 

And if that isn’t enough, you can boost your dessert experience by requesting your scoop of vegan ice cream be served in a vegan cookie bowl. Yup, you heard that right. It’s called “the vegan chocolate chip cookie Super Bowl,” and it’s calling your name!

2. Cinnaholic 

Vegan dessert places in atlanta
Cinnaholic ATL

Cinnaholic allows customers to design their very own cinnamon rolls with a variety of vegan and cholesterol-free frosting and topping options. With over 20 frosting flavors, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. 

Cinnaholic also offers their own, best-selling combination flavors such as:

  • The Cookie Monster: cream cheese frosting, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce. 

  • Caramel Apple Pie: Caramel frosting, fresh apples, pecans, homemade pie crumbles, and caramel sauce. 

  • Campfire S’mores: Marshmallow frosting, graham cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce. 

Cinnaholic Cinna Cake
Cinnaholic Cinna Cake

If you’re not in the mood for a cinnamon roll, don’t worry, Cinnaholic also offers delicious brownies, cookies, and more. 

3. Revolution Doughnuts 

revolution dougnuts atlanta georgia
Revolution Doughnuts

With all-natural, trans-fat-free, and handmade ingredients, Revolution Doughnuts is the perfect dessert spot for vegans and non-vegans alike! 

When Maria Moore Riggs founded Revolution Doughnuts, her goal was to restore the American doughnut to its former glory as a simple but tasty handcrafted dessert. Riggs fulfills this goal every day when producing her delicious doughnuts made entirely by hand with only organic ingredients, local dairy products, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Revolution Doughnuts Atlanta
Revolution Doughnuts ATL

Revolution Doughnuts had a humble beginning as a family-run business, selling doughnuts at farmer’s markets. As the doughnuts continued to grow in popularity, the Riggs family knew it was time to open an official shop. Fittingly, Revolution Doughnuts opened on National Doughnut Day in 2012. 

Some vegan doughnut flavors you can expect include sweet coconut cake, salted caramel cake, ginger chai, blackout chocolate cake, raspberry sprinkle, toasted almond cake, pumpkin pie custard, and more. 


It’s hard to imagine a more perfect ending to a day than a delicious and fulfilling dessert after exploring the exciting Atlanta, Georgia.  

It’s even better when that dessert allows you to feel good about both your health as well as the environment. So, next time you find yourself in the Peach City, swing by one of these vegan dessert shops and indulge your sweet tooth. 



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