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Top 3 Natural Nail Salons in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Updated: Nov 6

Looking for a more natural alternative to get your nails all jazzed up? Choosing natural nail salons ensures that your nails and skin receive the best care with non-toxic products.

Take a look at our hand-picked list of places in Atlanta, GA.

hand holding leaf

1. IWI Fresh: Farm to Skin Spa

Specializing in handmade skincare products straight from the farm, this amazing natural spa will provide you with waterless services to complete your eco-friendly experience. Let's not forget the choice of a reflexology pedicure!

iwi fresh spa foot

2. Varnish Lane

Boasting toxic-free polishes and plant-based products, this nail salon is clearly a clean choice to beautify your nails. They utilize waterless services for their lux mani-pedi experience.

Varnish Lane Atlanta

2. Lark & Sparrow

This nail salon utilizes organic products for its mani-pedi services and ensures that their salon's aromatic environment spews essential oils to improve your experience. Oh! And for total relaxation, add their CBD products to your service. This salon also utilizes an environmental program that recycles most of their beauty materials.

Lark and sparrow nails
Lark & Sparrow


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