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Try This Home Cleaning Schedule To Reduce Overwhelm- Plus Include The Kids!

Updated: Jan 17

Keeping the house clean can be overwhelming, especially if you have young children. Cleaning the entire house every day is daunting and cleaning it only once a week can make for a very long day. In this article, you will find tips on how to keep your house clean by doing a little bit every day and how to get the kids involved.

Step 1: Make a list

The first thing you should do is go through your house and make a list of the different places and types of cleaning that need to be done. For example, the kitchen sink, kitchen floor, dining room floor, laundry, vacuuming, toilets, etc. If something can be combined, do so. Maybe your kitchen and dining room floor are connected and have the same flooring. Put them down together and in the next step, you will be sweeping and mopping your kitchen and dining room floors.

Step 2: Make a schedule

Once you have your list, figure out what days you should do each. One hint: The floors should probably be done at least twice a week depending on how much you are at home and how many kids you have. Here is an example schedule:

  • Everyday: Tidy up each room, pick up the toys, do dishes as needed

  • Monday: Sweep and mop all floors

  • Tuesday: Laundry, Clean kitchen sink

  • Wednesday: Dust, Vacuum all carpeted floors

  • Thursday: Clean toilets and bathroom sink(s)

  • Friday: Laundry, sweep, and mop

  • Saturday: Vacuum all carpeted floors

  • Once a month: Dust tops of ceiling fan blades, window sills, and picture frames

  • Once a quarter: Wash windows and baseboards

Remember, this is only an example. Maybe you have a dust allergy and need to dust everything more often or you have only a few people in your family and do laundry once a week instead of twice. Make the schedule and get started on it!

Step 3: Try your new schedule and reevaluate as needed

Once you figure out a schedule that works for you, try it out for at least two weeks, then reevaluate. If something just isn’t working, try something new. You might have to try a new schedule a few times to find the perfect fit or even change it up every few months or years as things change.

Get your Children to Help!